GreenTec-99 has aligned our technology and corporate development efforts to focus on three vital business objectives:

Feasibility – the ability of our technology solution and business model to gain a competitive advantage in the nuclear radioisotope market.

Viability – the ability to achieve long-term, sustainable, profitable outcome in direct competition with HEU/LEU-producers.

ROI – the ability of GreenTec-99’s unique business model to achieve market penetration, acceptance and significant, early profit.

The answer to each objective continues to be a resounding YES. GreenTec-99 designed our production system and developed our commercialization strategy based on these objectives, and our work every day is focused on achieving two primary outcomes:

1. Tc-99m production that is safe, local, reliable and daily – on-demand – in support of pharmacies, hospitals and physician end-users.

2. Tc-99m production that is more cost effective than current HEU / LEU production (2014 per-dose price).