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Before manufacturing a fully functional batch of PCBs, prototype PCB boards are created. Prototype PCB manufacturing allows OEMs to test and verify electrical connections, component mounting locations, and proper functioning of a batch of PCB. It prevents the final PCB from failure. A prototype PCB is a dummy or fully-functioning representation of actual PCBs in the batch. At Creative Hi-Tech, we consider prototype PCB fabrication as the most important stage of a product development cycle.


We believe the following prototype PCB manufacturing capabilities that we have developed over the years make us different from our competitors.


The following reasons make us different from all other PCB prototype manufacturers in the US.

Being an active PCB prototype manufacturer since 1998, we have gained immense experience. Our experience and efforts of our experts add value to our customer’s business. If you are looking for quick turn PCB prototype manufacturing services, then please feel free to contact us.

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